Environmental Cafe

When: Wednesday, March 25, 2009, 6-7:30 PM
Where: Java Joys, 1009 North Washington Street, Janesville, WI (across from Mercy Mall, at the top of the Memorial Bridge)

Topic of Discussion: Janesville City Sanitary Landfill Operations Overview
Guest Speaker: John Whitcomb, City of Janesville Operations Director

Please attend our second Environmental Cafe - an informal discussion about environmental topics - with a cup of coffee or beverage. Held once monthly on different environmental topics - these discussions are open to the public, and encourage ideas and networking.

Arrive early to get yourself a beverage - at last month's meeting, the Library was kind enough to provide refreshments, however, we are also trying to promote local business during these meetings. So bring some cash, support a locally owned coffee house, and meet some new friends, and join in the discussion on this very interesting topic!

Rock Environmental Network

PS - Bring your own cup!

"When People Lead, the Leaders Will Follow"