Oct. 17 - Janesville, Drinking Liberally

Our monthly Drinking Liberally social will be this Wednesday evening (10/17) at 7 PM, at our usual place, The Speakeasy Lounge, downtown Janesville.

Drinking Liberally Janesville Chapter Promoting Democracy one pint at a time

Share your politics while you share a pitcher at your local progressive drinking club. An informal gathering of like minded, left-leaners who may want to trade ideas, get more involved, or just enjoy each others company.

We meet at The Speakeasy Lounge in downtown Janesville (map), 7:00 PM, on the first Wednesday day of every month.

To sign-up for Janesville DL updates visit Drinking Liberally.

Oct. 11 - Janesville, Paul Ryan Truth Fest

On October 11th is the VP Debates and a great opportunity to get the stories of 99%ers in Janesville out into the press. Therefore from 3pm to 6pm at Court Park will be a Truth About Paul Ryan fest. We know, having lived in Paul Ryan's district, how wrong his policies are for working families - let's get the word out to the rest of the USA.

What: Paul Ryan Truth Fest
Where: Court Park, 79 S. Main St., Janesville
When: 3-6PM, Thursday, Oct. 11
Who: Citizens interested in the truth about "Ryan Economics"

Created by Wisconsin Jobs Now. RSVP here.