Jan. 22 - Janesville, Forum: Bringing Back a Democratic Society

Rock Valley Fellowship of Reconciliation presents...

How can we bring back a democratic society?

January 22, 2014
6:30 PM

Basics Cooperative Community Room
1711 Lodge Dr., Janesville

Join us in welcoming Rick Brunton and Brian Standing

“Citizens United unleashed corporate big money which corrupts our representatives. — Rick Brunton

Rick Brunton, a Janesville business person, will talk about the history of corporations, how they started and how they have evolved over the centuries to today’s time. Large transnational corporations are impacting our local communities across the United States. Rick will look at the political corruption they are engaged in and what the price tag is for that corruption. What can peaceful citizens do about this? Will amending the U.S. Constitution help contain this undemocratic siege?

Fighting Bob La Follette speaks “Since the birth of the Republic, indeed almost within the last generation, a new and powerful factor has taken its place in our business, financial and political world and is there exercising a tremendous influence. The existence of the corporation, as we have it with us today, was never dreamed of by the fathers.” — Fighting Bob La Follette, July 4, 1897

Activist Brian Standing gives voice to Fighting Bob’s full speech. Brian hosts the Monday morning “8 O’Clock Buzz” on WORT, Madison. He is a regular participant in the Solidarity Sing Along and is a Senior Planner at Dane County Planning & Development.