Stand Up for Wisconsin's Transit

Your legislator, Rep. Knilans, will soon have an opportunity to vote for the budget. I am writing to urge you to call him today at (608) 266-7503. The message is simple: “Work for changes to the budget, AB 40, that support a more balanced approach to transportation. Transportation options and local tools are needed to provide relief for traffic and air pollution problems.” The budget contains provisions that could devastate transit systems, unless you call today and voice your concerns. As a constituent in Rep. Knilans’ district, you have the power to sway his opinion on this issue. Investing in transit will benefit riders, the community, and the clean up our air and reduce the threat of climate change!


Calling Tips:
- Slowly state your name, address, and phone number to verify that you’re a constituent.
- Leaving a message with staff or on the voicemail is OK.
- After you call, let us know you took action at: We want to hear how the legislative office responded to your concerns and keep a tally of the number of calls he received.

Background: The Budget has 3 key threats to transit: 1.) Repeal of the regional transit authorities, 2.) 10% cuts to transit aid, and 3.) Moving transit from the transportation fund and into the general fund. Therefore, we are asking for Rep. Knilans to work for budget changes that will do the following:
* Avoid moving transit from the transportation into the general fund (pg 43), where it will compete with other basic services also slated for drastic cuts. Transit is a form of transportation and must be considered along with highways, local roads, bicycle and pedestrian funding in determining the most cost-effective, efficient solutions to our mobility needs.
* Avoid cutting state transit aids by 10%. Transit systems are already facing serious cuts as a result of the budget repair bill, which jeopardizes $47 million in federal transit aid due to the loss of collective bargaining rights for transit workers in unionized systems. Transit should not be cut further when Wisconsinites are facing record high gas prices as they travel to work and school.
* Restore Wisconsin’s regional transit authorities (RTAs) which were eliminated by the Joint Finance Committee through an amendment passed on May 3. RTAs are essential tools needed by local governments in order to raise stable, dedicated transit funds and make up gaps in state and federal transit funding. RTAs should be fixed – through requiring binding referenda before raising sales tax, etc, NOT eliminated, especially in communities like Dane County, SE Wisconsin, Chippewa Valley and Chequamegon Bay that have shown a strong desire for RTAs.
Transit is important to communities because:
· It provides jobs. According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), every $1 billion invested in public transit supports and create 36,000 jobs.
· It helps the economy. According to a WisDOT study, on average, every $1 spend on public transit proves a $3.61 economic return.
· It’s better for the environment. APTA determined that a single person, commuting alone by car, who switches a 20-mile round-trip commute to transit, can reduce his or her annual CO2 emission by 4,800 pounds per year.

Thanks for taking action today!

Elizabeth Ward- Programs Staff
Sierra Club- John Muir Chapter

Elizabeth.Ward@sierraclub.org222 South Hamilton Street, Suite 1
Madison, WI 53703-3201
Phone: (608) 256-0565Fax: (608) 256-4JMC

May 9th-DNR Hearing Factory farm

What: DNR Public Hearing concerning CAFO (Factory Farm) on the Rock Prairie.

When: Monday, May 9th, 4 PM.

Where: Rock County Fair Grounds, Craig Center Building, 1301 Craig Avenue, Janesville, WI

The Wisconsin DNR will be holding a public hearing to listen to comments from residents concerning Todd Tuls proposed dairy in the Town of Bradford just east of Janesville.

Please attend this meeting and let the DNR know what you think about these types of operations. Do your research and come prepared to speak.

Rock Environmental Network, Inc.
"When People Lead, the Leaders will Follow."