EcoFair 360 In Elkhorn

Yes, it is mid-summer already! It's also a great time for getting outdoors and thinking green - or perhaps blue. We were definitely being green this last weekend at La Fete de Marquette where our volunteers did a great job of reducing waste by selling reusable mugs and pitchers to cut down on plastic waste. Thanks to all who helped, and we look forward to expanding upon this in the future.

The new Ecofair360 will be held this weekend in Elkhorn, WI and the Sierra Club will have a booth there to educate people and get signatures to move off oil and coal and towards clean energy solutions. This event features a multitude of exhibits and talks to learn more about various ways to be sustainable.

If you tend to think more about water in summer, the Yahara Lakes Partnership is asking for your input on our lakes and waterways system and it's a great opportunity to let them know your thoughts or to get involved. As we're learned in the Gulf, if we don't protect our precious waters, they can suffer great harm.

But the way to really celebrate summer will be at our annual Summer Soiree at (but not limited to) Lake Farm/Centennial Park on Lake Waubesa on August 1. We'll have a number of fun events to participate in, topped off by a grilled lunch in the Park. Please mark this on your calendar and join us that day.

Friday - Sunday, July 16 - 18
Walworth County Fairgrounds, Elkhorn, WI

Please join us at our booth at this new Ecofair in southeast Wisconsin. It's a great place to learn about really being green with energy, transportation, food, or other issues. The Sierra Club will have a booth there, so please stop by. If you'd care to volunteer (and get in free!), please contact Don Ferber at or 608-222-9376 or 608-217-2959 to sign up for a shift.

Shifts are:
9 - 12:30
12:30 - 4
4 - 7 (Friday and Saturday only)

More info on the fair is available here.

Campaign Finance Reform Presentation

The Rock County Progressives present:
BP, Goldman Sachs, Massey:… Corporations Putting Profit Before People
Making democracy work for people after “Citizens United.”

Presentation on Campaign Finance Reform by Mike McCabe, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign,

Wed, July 28, 6pm-7:30, Basics Co-Op, 1711 Lodge Dr, Janesville

Contact --

Rock River Clean-up Effort

“Janesville Pride” has been a long standing motto here in River City. Those sentiments are still here and we all feel it-we all believe it. We would like to introduce an effort where our Janesville Pride can proudly be displayed again! Join us on July 31, 2010 as we show our pride by participating in the Rock River Sweep program where we all pitch in and clean-up areas along the Rock River. This participation will only ask for 3 hours of effort between 8:30 and 11:30 AM on Saturday, July 31.

Our local effort is called “Rock’n’Janesville” and we propose to clean-up both sides of the Rock River, from the south end of Janesville to the north end, and then also extending to Indianford. Local sponsors include Stateline Recycling, Harborfest Aquatics, The Tool House, Inc., and the City of Janesville. Additionally, our local effort is also supported by American Rivers and the Rock River Sweep organizations.

As co-directors, Dave Peterson and Dave Wirth will be heading this important annual project. The primary goal for 2010 is to raise the awareness of why cleaning up the Rock River is of paramount importance. We believe that since the Rock River was the natural focal point of a young Janesville it should come back full-circle and become the focal point again for the years to come. An attractive and beautiful river and riverfront can only enhance prospects of bringing people and business to our city.

To this end, we are initiating this clean-up effort this year by asking that service groups take ownership of a section of the river to clean-up. The requested area of the river can be large or small but it can become yours to clean. That’s the Janesville Pride we referred to earlier. Also, for individual civic leaders who want to help we will assemble a pool of people who can be assigned to assist volunteer service groups. As a service to you we would also be happy to present to your group a 10 minute show with images and information concerning this Rock’n’Janesville Project.

If you are interested and would like more information please join us, Dave Peterson and Dave Wirth, representing the Rock’n’Janesville Group for the July 31, 2010 Rock River Sweep Program, at 7 PM on July 6, 2010 at M&I Bank at 100 North Main Street. (Use the Parker Drive entrance to the bank.) In the meantime, please contact us at 608-290-8809 or 608-774-0141 for more information.

You can also find us on Facebook

Thank you for considering being involved in this important activity for the Janesville and Rock River area! Rock’n’Janesville has Janesville Pride!