Feb. 24 - Rallies Janesville-Beloit

Subject: Let's Rock Rock Valley this Thursday!

Greetings labor coalition folks,

Some may have received notice elsewhere, but we have a rally doubleheader lined up for this Thursday. Let’s send some love towards Senator Cullen and our union brothers and sisters; and some encouragement to our current elected assemblyfolks to do the right thing (“Amy, Evan Joe-this bill’s gotta go!”). As inspiring as events have been in Madison, we need to focus on our territory in keeping up support and pressure where appropriate. We cannot let the other side dismiss actions as just a “Madison thing.”

Beloit Rally: Thursday, February 24, 4:00PM, 1240 Riverside Drive

Janesville Rally: Thursday, February 24, 7:45, Downtown Courthouse (51 S Main St.) on Main St. Sidewalk.

Thanks to everyone who has taken action, and I look forward to seeing many of you this Thursday.